At Little Learners nursery we endeavour to select and recruit quality staff that are, or can be, trained and skilled to meet job requirements.

The service recognises the value of the recruitment process from an equal opportunities context and is therefore committed to treating all potential candidates fairly and courteously at all times regardless of their sex, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, domestic circumstances, social and employment status, gender reassignment, philosophical belief or political affiliation.

Before any post is advertised we satisfy ourselves that there is not an existing staff member that could fill the post. All staff currently in supervisory positions have trained with Little Learners Nursery and gained experience over many years before being promoted to their current posts. They have been given full support of the manager to grow in their posts and carry them out effectively. We firmly believe in investing in our staff and all are given training opportunities on an ongoing basis.

When it is considered that a post cannot be filled by an internal applicant advertisements are placed in the local Job Centre.

Little Learners are happy to accept CV's at any time and these will be kept on file and considered if a post arises.

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